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Movement- movement is life! all living things move; we move to eat, for fun, for work, to express an emotion, we move to experience life. The Beta Way explores not only the utilitarian aspect of the movement but the qualitative as well. Our method explores how you move and why do you make those movement choices.The outer is expressive of the inner. The Beta Way guides you through the forest of movement options; with the intent of carving your own path and making you better.


Conscious Consumption

In our current age consumption is ever present and can be overwhelming at times.

It seems as though every moment someone or something is vying for your time and stealing from your time with self. The Beta Way does not look towards minimalism to solve this problem. Instead, we ask what is it that you truly want and why is that important to you. Our method embraces the ubiquity of consumerism in order to understand that not all things bring Joy. The method explores the landscape of your consumption and helps remove the weeds from it. More is not always better.


Mental Mantras:

We all have our inner voice. The voice inside can sometimes lead you to a place of wisdom and at other times lead you to confusion. Mental mantras help navigate the inner space to build clarity. The Beta Way asks what are you short and long term goals,

and how can you build a refined inner dialogue to support those goals.


Our Programs

Beta Warm Up

  • 30 days worth of daily warm ups
  • Each one unique and a thought out combination of dynamic, static movement and minimal load exercises designed to transition your muscles, joints and mind from stasis to actively primed for activity.

One time purchase $30

Beta KB Workouts

  • 30 days worth of training sessions
  • Better time management as a result of the ease of working out at home. More time to spend on relaxing hobbies like reading, earlier bedtimes, more family time as a result of working out at home vs going to the gym

One time purchase $30

Beta Eating Principles

  • Read up on the how, why and when of our eating patterns
  • Simple to follow steps with progressive eating tips backed by scientific data
  • The why behind what and when you are eating.
  • Staying consistent with the way you eat requires you to have a certain set of skills that helps you grasp the habit...let us help you build those skill sets.

Launching soon

One time purchase $50

Beta Digital Detox

  • Really simple ways to de-program yourself from the digital matrix
  • 30 things to focus on mentally to minimize digital usage
  • Booklet format

Launching soon

One time purchase $30 Shipped


Tips To Conquer Your Morning: Slam A Glass Of Water

"A huge glass of water is the last thing I do before bed and the first thing when I wake up. Being refreshed at night helps me relax for bed and then it helps wake me up in the morning. I also use a reminder app with to help remind me to practice affirmations... Sometimes it's as simple as four words. That way the first 15-30 minutes I'm brushing my teeth and prepping for the day, I'm repeating the affirmation from the reminder." - Maillard Howell, owner at CrossFit Prospect Heights

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How to master jump rope double-unders (step 1: drop the rope and clap your hands)

You’ve come a long way since your days on the playground. You’ve swapped swinging from the monkey bars forpull-ups, traded P.E. kickball for an adult kickball league, and stopped climbing trees in favor of bouldering. You’re all grown up. But there’s one childhood exercise that’s effective (and fun!) enough to take with you into adulthood: jumping rope. And double-unders are jumping rope, but harder. As the name would suggest, the rope passes under your feettwicein one jump.[...]

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