Beta KB Workouts



Beta KB Workouts

Long work day and have to pick the kids up from school to rush home to prep dinner?

Have a couple kettlebells in your apartment but have no clue how to use them consistently?

Can’t afford a gym membership or simply don’t have the time to go to the gym after work?

Work an unorthodox schedule like a night shift worker or firefighter and local gym is closed when you get off work?


  • Super convenient logistically. Challenging workouts that can be done at home not requiring much space or equipment
  • High intensity, muscle building and conditioning pieces that you can get done at home
  • Can be done with your partner, spouse or kids.

What you get?

  • 30 days worth of training sessions 
  • Better time management as a result of the ease of working out at home. More time to spend on relaxing hobbies like reading, earlier bedtimes, more family time as a result of working out at home vs going to the gym

Giselle - FDNY Firefighter

Training with Maillard has had a huge impact on my quality of life which has been super critical in my career as a FDNY Firefighter. His guidance is helping me recover from a  devastating acl, mcl, and meniscus rupture. Mr. Howell is not just an amazing trainer, he’s a health and fitness expert, a record setter, and a body transformation genius!  


Steve - Microsoft Cloud Solution Architect

I started working with Maillard last year after a sports related injury sidelined me from my normal routine. I knew from my prior experience with Maillard, in group sessions, that he paid critical attention to his client’s physical challenges and injuries and would be able to craft workouts that would push me physically without risking further injury. Over the last year I’ve grown stronger, leaner and faster under Maillard’s coaching. I’m down nearly 30lbs, moving faster and more consistently than ever, and most importantly I feel great about myself.


Anna Maltby - Deputy Editor Real Simple

“They help people become stronger and healthier every day, teaching fitness in a safe and effective way. But the way in which they do it is what’s really special: They create a positive and encouraging environment that participants feel truly committed to. They engage with their clients, create friendships, make people want to come back, and keep coming back.”

Beta KB Workouts

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