Beta Eating Principles



Beta Eating Principles Launching soon

Training hard in the gym but not really seeing the effect in the mirror?

Have no clue what to eat daily, and simply eat out of convenience?

Weight gaining steadily over the years despite attending gym classes regularly?

Not sure of what “eating clean” is?? Let us help you define that term.


  • The Beta Way is as much what you eat as it is how you train and how you think
  • Support the valuable work you put in at the gym with a science based way of eating.
  • 10 years in the Pharma Industry and a Biology degree has given this team the tools to help you understand the working of your body 
  • Begin to see the results on the scale and in how you look and how your clothes fit you.

What you get?

  • Read up on the how, why and when of our eating patterns
  • Simple to follow steps with progressive eating tips backed by scientific data
  • The why behind what and when you are eating.
  • Staying consistent with the way you eat requires you to have a certain set of skills that helps you grasp the habit...let us help you build those skill sets.

Nadine - IT Service Manager

Maillard’s guidance has been invaluable to my fitness regime. It has renewed my commitment to my heath and fitness. He has provided tools inside and outside of the gym that ensure that I am comfortable mentally and physically and feeling better about myself as a result of his constant wellness guidance


Tyler - Brand Strategist

As a business owner and designer, day to day demands on my mind and body can be intense. It becomes difficult to have that balance when there are no defined hours of work. Attempting to achieve a healthy balance has been improved substantially by Maillard’s guidance and support


Adam - Cinematographer

After spending too many days on the road, not enough exercise and a bad diet in 2017, I put on 40 pounds. On March 1st 2018, I weighed in at 238 pounds and that’s also the day I started training with Coach Maillard and implemented his Beta Way approach to eating. One year later to the day, I stepped on my scale and was 188 pounds. I did the work, but it was Coach Maillard’s attentive coaching, motivation and what he calls The Beta Way that provided the route to this result of losing 40 pounds. Honestly, I look forward to every session and getting down to work with Coach Maillard every day I train.

Beta Eating Principles

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